The school curriculum is enriched by the variety of after school activities that are also on offer for all children Reception – Year 6.

Our key stage sports teams participate in a wide variety of inter-school competitions.

After School Clubs

The school runs after school clubs each day after school. Some clubs have a charge, but we always reserve some free places for families who may need some assistance.

The clubs run until 4:30pm. Children can transfer from these school run clubs to the ‘Grass Roots’ provision which runs until 6pm.

We refresh our offer each term and, for the majority of clubs, new the participant lists to ensure as many children, who want a place, get a place at some pint throughout the year.

This year the following clubs are on offer:

Infant School                                        Junior School 

Football club                                               Yoga club

Choir club                                                    Tag Rugby club

Cricket club                                                 Basketball club

Art club                                                        Table Tennis club

Drama club                                                 Netball club

Sports and games club                              Football club

Street Dance club                                       Cricket club

Art club

Choir club

Street Dance club

Instrument club

Letter for Royal Albert Hall performance via YouTube: Choir club Youtube permission

Letter 2 for Royal Albert Hall performance via YouTube: Choir letter 2

Before School Clubs

We run a selection of sporting and fitness clubs before school. These run in addition to our standard breakfast club. Children interested in these clubs apply each term. There is a charge for these clubs, but we also support some of our families with free places.